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Protecting Educational Facilities

Effective perimeter security is paramount when protecting students and educators
Students entering a school building

Keeping children safe

Educational facilities carry a heavy burden by taking responsibility for people's safety whilst on their premises. Staff, scholars, and visitors need to be, and feel, safe, in order to foster an environment of teaching and learning.

An imposing perimeter effectively controlled access and reliable situational surveillance are three key requirements in implementing a strong primary layer of defense. Our expertise in integrated perimeter security and quality products can assist education facilities in safeguarding people and assets. 

We're focused on keeping children safe, so they can focus on learning. 



Clear demarcation of perimeters

A strong boundary indicates clearly that entry is reserved for certain people only.  It acts as both a deterrent and an indication that security is taken seriously, so it is important to include the perimeter fence in your design considerations as early as possible. 

As part of our perimeter solutions, we work with the leading fencing manufacturer in the industry to complete our design.  Betafence is known for its quality and stoic approach to delivering protection through its high-security products. 

Education-school gates and fence
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Aesthetic protection of people and access

Our range of static and retractable bollards deliver aesthetically pleasing, yet reliable protection of walkways, entry areas, and gates. By creating a 'stand-off', they provide the benefit of restricting vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian access.

Remote Control

The Guardiar Global Situational Awareness System puts control of your education facility right at your fingertips, wherever you may be. 

We use the latest technology to build a security solution that protects those who matter most. From access requests to incident alerts, facial recognition, and temperature scanning, staff and students are face from the risks of the modern world. 

GSAS iPad screen monitoring cameras

GSAS gives you the ability to blacklist a perpetrator, have early notifications on their presence, and know exactly where they are. What used to be a reactive system transitions into an active solution that’s always on watch.

GSAS Project Lead

Shallow mounted access control and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Future Wedge 2400 features easy and simple installation with its bolt down, surface-mounted design. No need for excavation and other costly construction requirements. FutureWEDGE® 2400 series is laid into place and can be operational within one working day for undisrupted protection.

FutureWEDGE 2400-access control car barrier

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Overseeing the needs of an educational facility is a complex task. We can take care of your security requirements, giving you one less thing to worry about.