Guardiar Capital

Guardiar Capital is an innovative financing offering that enables Guardiar clients to spread the cost of ownership of their Guardiar security solution over the lifetime of the project. With Guardiar Capital, all costs associated with the implementation of a large-scale total perimeter security solution are covered, including design and installation.

Why finance your total perimeter security solution?

Preserve working capital

  • By financing your security solution with Guardiar Capital, you can preserve your working capital for your core business. A periodic payment is made and this is leveraged, increasing your company’s overall buying power.

Get your maintenance covered

  • With Guardiar Capital a service plan can be integrated into your solution, ensuring all preventative maintenance and software updates are completed without any disruption.

Flexible payment structures

  • Billing terms can be customized to match your specific requirements, and flexible payment structures can be agreed.

Flexible termination options

  • Guardiar Capital offers multiple options to either upgrade or dispose of the security solution at the end of the lease period.